Giving Every Patient a Voice

PEER-Systems is a patient experience system used by healthcare facilities to capture the patients' opinion about their healthcare visit. The platform uses rubric measurement and layered feedback techniques to produce analytical data outcomes. Data outcomes produce a 1.0 to 4.0 rating and reveal conversation-like details about the patients experience.

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Working Together

We met with domestic and international healthcare leaders, gathering input, and refining the platform. This resulted in a global model capable of producing data outcomes that not only reveal deficiencies, but removes the guesswork for improving.


We're Beyond Stars

Today, peer-to-peer platforms like Yelp are capturing feedback by default because consumers have not been presented with a legitmate ratings platform that matches the gravity of the measure. Ratings must be used to inform the public, but quality data must be used to improve performance. To collect properly, patient experience should include both!


It's a New Day

There is currently no other patient experience data source, including HCAHPS, that provides the anonymous: Who/What/Where/Why/When/How

The bevy of tools for informed decision making!


How It Works

National & Group Healthcare System Model

PEER-Systems platform was designed and refined by implementing the feedback of national healthcare system leaders from around the world. We presented prototypes to healthcare leaders from NHS England and Wales, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mauritius and multiple hospitals and healthcare groups in the US, including the Veterans Administration. This process brought us insight into how to build an adaptive model that fullfills the needs of national and group healthcare systems both small and large.

The result is a brilliant tier platform that allows for the monitoring of quality across all medical facilities and service lines. Benchmarking is used to compare and share ideas for improvement. Data is sent all the way to the top-tier dashboard where policies can be set and implemented based on analytical data, not subjective outcomes. PEER-Systems allows for each facility and doctor to be rated from 1.0 to 4.0 and for a combined rating to represent the group of medical facilities as a whole.

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Partnership Model

Clinical data and patient experience data go hand-in-hand in painting a clear picture of overall quality in medical facilities and for individual physicians. When this data is side-by-side, and made available to the public by way of insurance providers, it allows patients to make more informed decisions about what healthcare provider is right for them.

LitCentral was met with the challenge of creating patient experience outcomes that were as analytical as clinical outcomes. The answer is PEER-Systems - in partnership with technology companies specialized in gathering clinical data outcomes for the purposes of assisting Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Self-Insured companies in finding the best healthcare providers for their clients and employees.

Ultimately, this partnership model can encourage individuals to seek healthcare outside of their immediate network, including international hospitals. Medical travel is incredibaly popular around the world, but has experienced little movement within the United States.

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Future Patient

Data outcomes for future patients is a simple rating for both the medical facility and the physician. The rating ranges from 1.0 to 4.0 and is similar to the US GPA scale. Future patients gain access to these through PEER-Systems partners affiliated with TPAs and self-insured companies. When combined with clinical data outcomes, patient experience data is the insight patients need to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers and is the key to introducing medical travel to US patients who demand uncompromised quality at the lowest cost.


Medical doctors are being unfairly "branded" by star-rating platforms - many of which are unverfied reviews and none of which offer additional insight. With PEER-Systems the physician can break down the rating to reveal anonymous, key details about each patient's experience and their expectations. The physician can use the data outcomes to maintain high-level service delivery or improve deficiencies where needed.

Medical Facility

Specialists within medical facility departments, along with nursing staff and administrative staff, all must work together to deliver optimal care. PEER-Systems tracks performance by department. Each department's rating can be broken down to reveal physician ratings and key details about each patients' visit to maintain high-level service delivery or improve deficiencies where needed.