How much is your virtual reputation worth?


If peer-to-peer feedback in the form of TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Yelp and Amazon ratings

correlate to trustworthiness and an increase in sales, then should

not the same apply to the healthcare industry?

We think so...

LitCentral, Inc. has spent a decade designing advanced feedback systems. Our latest design, PEER-Systems™ is breaking new ground in the healthcare industry to evolve the way patient experience is captured, shared and valued.

The new patient experience quality rating produced by PEER-Systems creates a virtual reputation for both domestic and international healthcare providers. This is one of the key pieces of information future patients desire before entrusting their lives to healthcare providers outside their immediate network of care.

In tandem with the PEER-Systems quality rating, LitCentral has designed IHQData (International Healthcare Quality Data) - a web portal which provides Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Self-Insured Businesses access to the patient experience ratings of international and domestic hospitals using PEER-Systems. This new data, coupled with procedure and treatment costs, allows for the creation of customized medical travel packages - to be presented to employees seeking high-quality healthcare abroad with essentially zero out-of-pocket costs.